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Three Reasons Why Nomad Lifestyle May Suit You

In today’s environment, we encounter many kinds of lifestyle. Some people get tattoos to define who they are. Some others are workaholic and cling direly to their career. And there are the free souls whose sole purpose in the world is to travel and experience the thrill of exploration. If you feel like you can relate to the third group, but you are not convinced enough to take any significant decision for your life, then you should read this article thoroughly.

The Availability of Mobile Employment

a suitcase and its contentAs long as you can stand a modest lifestyle and be adaptive enough to changes and difference, then you shall continue. You must acknowledge the fact that the Internet has reached more than 80% of the global population. And once there is access, getting a job is no longer limited to geographical position.

However, not all professions are compatible with the nomad lifestyle. Here are some examples of expertise that fit with such lifestyle: web developers, programmers, analysts, translators, app creators blogger, and content creators. If your field is not included, you can learn new skills that you can sell remotely. Besides, the mentioned professions will be much needed in the near future. We are heading toward digitalized economy!

The Availability of Industries That Support Mobile Professionals

looking at a tabWith globalization, English spreads. You’ll be surprised how Pilipinos, Thai people, Indonesians, and nearby countries can use English proficiently. Their tourism industries have developed enough, and you shall not be afraid of ‘getting lost’ there. Rental businesses, such as bike rents, car rents, and campervans for hire are everywhere. Exploring Asia is not as exotic and risky as it sounds.

Moreover, the concept of mobile offices (also known as working space) has also spread globally. For instance, you can rent a working space in Bali effortlessly since almost everyone there can speak English. Imagine making money while drinking bottles of beer on a beach. Sounds terrific, doesn’t it?

Happiness Improves Productivity

taking a photoUrban lifestyle can be dreadful. And you may feel like it is nothing, but your psychological states will suffer the most impact of it. According to a study in 2011 by a German scientist named Dr. Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg from the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim, urban citizens handle stress worse than the people who live in the suburb. If you are interested in this research further, you can check it on Nature. It scientifically proves how cities are harmful to the dwellers’ mental health.

In your case, you must trust your instinct. If you feel like you’ve had it enough, then you should move and travel somewhere new. There are plenty of nomads who are far from being penniless. Tim Ferriss, Christine Gilbert, Chris Guillebeau, Matt Kepnes, Cody McKibben, and Rolf Potts are some examples.¬†When a person decides to travel and explore the world, burning money is not always the result because there are also others who get richer than before.