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Things to Do in Langkawi

Lang Kawi means “eagle red” as it the home of many red-brown eagles. Langkawi is the main island in Malaysia that has a lot to offer. Many describe Langkawi as an adventurous destination with many sites to visit. You need to first know how to get to Langkawi so that you can organize your trip. The following are things to do in Langkawi.

See the Eagle Square

The Eagle Square also known as Dataran Lang is a 12M tall sculpture of an eagle on a top elevated platform. The sculpture is just a walking distance from Kua Jetty, Taman Lagenda, and numerous restaurants and duty-free shops. Due to its proximity to the sea, it is a perfect spot to watch ferries fly across the harbor.

The best time to visit is in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is not intense. The reddish-brown eagle provides the perfect background for amazing pictures. You can get chocolates and alcohol from Jetty Point mall when walking to Eagle Square.

Visit the Langkawi Sky Bridge

This is among the top tourist attractions in Langkawi. It is a 410ft long curved pedestrian that is above Mt Mat Chinchang. You have to use the Langkawi cable cars from the oriental village. It gets windy because of the ventilation at the top of the cable car so you are advised to wear heavy clothes. You will have the best views of the second highest peak of Langkawi that include the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls and the rainforest.

The cable car levels ours and stops after a few hundred feet at the sky bridge. There you will find many stalls selling souvenirs, drinks, and toys. The sky bridge is very safe with double steel railings and an enclosed wire mesh. The bridge is 1.8M side and you can admire the view and the rest of your feet. One of the greatest views is the Tarutao island in Thailand.

See the Underwater World Langkawi

It is located in the Pantai Cenang beach town. The underwater world houses more than 500 sea creatures that include flamingos, seahorses, seals, rockhopper penguins, and mandarin ducks. The most preferred attraction is the 15M walkthrough underwater tunnel where you can close-up views of the sharks, green turtles, and giant stingrays.

The Arapaimas (the world’s largest freshwater fish) can be seen once you enter the air-conditioned interior. The complex is divided into three sections; the Tropical Rainforest, Temperate, and Sub-Antarctic. The underwater water also has an educational center, a cafeteria, and a 3D theatre. You can watch short movies about prehistoric fish life.

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Visit the Gunung Raya Mountain

Is the highest mountain in Langkawi with a height of 881M at the peak. It has a dense forest that is a home for many wild animals such as hornbills, monkeys, squirrels, mountain hawk eagles, flying foxes, etc. The mountain peak offers an amazing view of the

Andaman sea, Langkawi’s verdant surround, and neighboring islets. If you prefer a quiet retreat there is a small park, museum, and the D’ Coconut Hill Resort Langkawi. Inside the resort, there is a spa center and an eight-story-tall viewing tower to enjoy the best views. The mountain is also a popular destination for hikers and jungle trekking.

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How to Find the Best Private Car Service

Traveling to different places has become part and parcel of the lives of many people. There are currently many companies offering logistics services across the globe. You may be looking for a private car service for your trip. The type of service provider you choose will be essential in determining your travel experience.

It is essential to note that many benefits come with using private car services. If you are yet to hire such service providers, you may be missing a lot. Electric car service is also offering private car services, and this is ideal for those who would like to save the environment by reducing their carbon emissions. If you are having a hard time selecting a private car service, some factors will help.


You should always consider the type of reputation a company has before making a choice. It is essential to note that a company is most likely to repeat what it is known for. You should get excellent service from a private car service. Make a point of selecting a company that is well known for good reasons.

An ideal company is known to provide high-quality and professional driving services. It would help if you also considered what online users have to say regarding a private driving car service. Read the reviews made by others and also consider the ratings.


drivingApart from reputation, consider the qualifications of the employees a private driving service has employed. Even though driving may seem like an easy skill to master, some qualifications are required. To have a smooth ride and be safe while being driven, you need to have a driver with high qualifications.

It is important to note that companies with a high level of experience tend to employed drivers with high qualifications. Before hiring a private car service, ensure you inquire about the qualifications of their drivers.


The last factor you should consider is the type of driving service a private car service is offering. Some may not be aware that private driving service providers tend to specialize in specific services.

Some companies only focus on offering driving services to individuals, while others may transport goods. You should also consider if a driving service operates in the area you want to travel to. You must choose a company that meets your needs.

Private car driving services are ideal as they come with many benefits. When you hire one, you can travel to your destination in style, and you will receive high-end services. You must consider the mentioned tips when selecting a private car service provider.

Top Reasons You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

While some may choose not to hire a car accident attorney, it may not be the wisest option if the accident happened while you are traveling and may be thousands of mile away from home. Being one of the parties involved in a car accident means that you have to go through a lot, like tending to your car’s repair, making visits to the doctor, and attending investigations. If you do not live in the city but is caught by an accident while on travel to the new city, it may be doubly hard for you to be have a case in the local court.

In such an instance, going for the best auto wreck attorneys in Houston Texas should be the first resort. It will surely get the big burden out of your shoulders. If you choose not to go for an amicable settlement, expect some time for the case to finish. This may be very taxing on you who lives thousands of miles away from the court which will handle your case. With a reputable car accident attorney, you may be able to have peace of mind that some is working on your case while you are at home in a different city.

The following reasons should make you think fast and look for an auto accident attorney right after you regained your mind after the accident.

Fights for Just Insurance Compensation

A lawyer have been in situations like this before. For you, it must be your first time. You will surely get a drubbing from insurance lawyers if you are a first timer. You may see your insurance claims reduced to a mere fraction of what you expected. This cannot happen when you have an experienced attorney with you. You can be assured that your best interest will be laid on the table and will not let settle for less if it means it will be unfair on your part.

Helps Prove Liability

The best car accident lawyer are experts in getting pieces of evidence from incident reports to gathering of witnesses, and other important data that will help you support your compensation claims. After the collection of relevant evidences, the attorney will present all the gathered evidence the best way he could to win your case.

Increase Your Compensation Claims

Your computation of a just payment from the insurance company may be all too little to cover past, present, and future expenses relative to the accident. You may not also have not included the psychological effects that you will be bearing for a long time. With the right car accident lawyer he will not let you receive less for what you are entitled to.

Indeed, it makes sense to hire an auto collision attorney.